When PASSIONS debuted in 1999, Kay was a bratty teen hell-bent on bedding Miguel. Four years later, she’s now preggers with Miguel’s baby, and has assumed a whole new role in Harmony: graduating from teen bitch to junior witch. Deanna Wright (Kay) talks about about the interesting twists in her character’s storyline.Soap Opera Weekly: Were you surprised by the turn of events in your storyline — specifically that Kay would develop her witch powers and live with Tabitha?

Deanna Wright: Very much so. It’s something I learned through the scripts as it developed. Two weeks before I got the scripts, one of the directors said, “You know where you go when you run away, right?” I said, “Nooo. Where do I go?” And he said, “You go to Tabitha’s.” And I was like, “I do?!” He was like, “Yeah,” and I was like, “Do I stay there?” and he’s like, “I don’t know”. I never saw my character working with hers, I don’t know why, but I just didn’t…Weekly: In your wildest dreams did you ever think you’d be playing a pregnant teen witch?

Wright: No, no I certainly didn’t!
Weekly: What has been the biggest surprise playing this storyline?

Wright: That our scenes are the comic relief of the show. It is quite a different thing for me because I’m so used to playing the trauma/drama: Kay is the Drama Queen (laughs)! I knew that Juliet (Mills) and Josh (Ryan Evans, Timmy) had the comedy scenes, but I never realized that would carry over to our scenes, and it has been quite a nice surprise. Weekly: Is that a welcome change of pace for you as an actress, getting to play something different like that?

Wright: It is. It lets me exercise another acting muscle. I still get the trauma/drama scenes because I’m still fighting with Grace and going after Miguel. One day I’ll have the emotionally hard stuff to do, and then I’ll have a fun day getting a milkshake dumped on my head. It’s great to have that variety.Weekly: Was it an adjustment dealing with supernatural stuff?

Wright: That’s been exceedingly hard for me because that isn’t my strongest point as an actor. Even from the beginning, all the supernatural stuff was very hard for me. We’d have an earthquake or a cave-in, the cameras would be shaking and they’d say, “Act like you are in an earthquake.” I’d be like, “Great — but I don’t know how to do that!” It’s hard to make that stuff believable to the audience. But as I get more experience with it I think I’m getting stronger at it.Weekly: What is it like working so closely with Juliet?

Wright: I was a bit intimidated at first because she’s Juliet Mills. I was like, “Oh, my gosh — there is no way I can ever be as good as her in a scene.” She’s wonderful to work with, and very encouraging. We play with each other, and I’ve gotten more comfortable. I love working with her because you can throw anything at her and she’ll take it and go. Both of us have very distinct ideas of who our character is, so we can react organically. I think that’s what makes all the difference.Weekly: Do you think it is impossible for Kay to go back to a normal life now that she’s crossed over to the “other side”?

Wright: Yeah, I do. I don’t think there is any other place for her now. Especially because now that she is experienced it…it’s like if you’ve never had chocolate you don’t know what it tastes like, but once you’ve had it you are an addict. At least I am (laughs)! Same for Kay. Even if she wanted to turn back, I don’t think it would be possible.Weekly: There have been a few times where Father Lonigan has tried to intervene and set Kay back onto a Christian course. But each time it lasted about six minutes before Kay went back to business as usual. Do you think Kay will ever learn the error of her ways? And would you, Deanna, like her to?

Wright: As Deanna, I would say I’d really love for her to be redeemed. Just because of my own beliefs in God and Jesus, and where I stand in my religion — sometimes I can’t believe that I play Kay. She is so opposite from me. So I’d love to have her see the light But from a storyline standpoint, it’d be kind of difficult for the show to do that. Kay is the token bad girl. She is good at it!

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