Beth Ehlers - Gotta minute?

GUIDING LIGHT’s Beth Ehlers (Harley) discusses past and present co-stars, the soap marriage curse and what Harley still needs to learn about life.

Soap Opera Weekly: Do you think either of your boys will follow you into acting?
Beth Ehlers: I think Will, my younger one, is going to be an actor. Hank loves film and TV, but in the way his dad does. [Husband] Matt is a big fan of film. He knows all these obscure actors. He has a real admiration for this industry. I think Hank will be the same way. I don’t think he’ll ever step in front of the camera. Will has much more of an actor’s personality, and if that’s what he wants to do, great. I think a life without any sort of creative outlet has got to be such a depressing life.

Weekly: Can Gus and Harley break the “marriage is death” curse that plagues so many soap couples?
Ehlers: Ricky [Paull Goldin, Gus] and I did not want to get married. We’ve said it for years, “Please do not marry us.” But I think they’ll [escape] because Harley was very smart and slept with Mallet (laughs). She put a little thing in there to break them up. I think they needed a break from each other to re-evaluate. It was good for Gus to get pissed at her. He loves her so much, and he needed to see her flaws a little bit more. Harley and Mallet will always have a connection: She’ll always be torn between them. She’ll want to be with Gus, but there will be that side of her looking at Mallet, wondering, “What if?”

Weekly: What lesson does Harley still have to learn?
Ehlers: Her way is not always the right way. Other people’s opinions are valid. And to stop and think for 10 seconds [before acting]. She doesn’t know how to do that. She’s reckless.

Weekly: Which former co-stars do you keep in touch with?
Ehlers: Kimberley Simms; she played Mindy. I love her. I just saw Wendy Moniz (ex-Dinah) the other day. A lot the people who were my friends are still on the show, like Michael O’Leary (Rick), Crystal Chappell (Olivia) and Gina Tognoni (Dinah). I love the cast now.

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