Ben and Blondie Remembered

Weekly last spoke with the actors together during the taping of Mark Derwin’s final scenes as a contract player, in July 2002, when Ben went into a coma. During the interview we asked Erika Slezak and Derwin their favorite Ben & Blondie moments.

Erika Slezak: God, we have a lot. I think one of my first favorite moments was that first scene when I walked into the bar and he popped up from behind the bar and goes, “Hey, blondie, you lost or just slummin’?” All of those scenes at the beginning with him as a bartender. He was so charming. And then a lot of the attic scenes, not so much the making love scenes, but just sitting up there. I remember this scene where I had to tell him who I was. I brought in the newspaper, and I said, “You see that name, the publisher?” And he says, “Yeah,” and I say, “Well, that’s who I am.” The reaction he had. He says, “I’ve been sending you messages in your own paper.” It’s not even the big scenes. It’s a lot of the little scenes we’ve had together, the fun we’ve had. Sitting on the sofa, crossing legs. I really can’t think of a scene that I’ve done with him that I haven’t enjoyed. I really can’t. He’s just been delightful, delightful, and I envy the next people who get him. Really.

Mark Derwin: There have been so many. We’ve had so much fun. The beginning romance. At one point, we were on the run and we dressed up like Hell’s Angels type of people. That was a lot of fun. I remember this one scene in particular, I was trying to teach her how to ride a motorcycle and we were all in leather. But everything I do with Erika I enjoy. We get along so well. We’ve had scenes in the kitchen, making an omelette and talking… Those are my favorite because you have props and it’s not some heavy-duty dramatic thing. You can mess around. I used to do whatever I could to throw her in a scene, like putting lettuce in my teeth or whatever. I’d just mess with her and she’s amazing. She’d fight right back.