Bell and the BOLD Belles!

During a recent chat with BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL head writer/executive producer Bradley P. Bell, Soap Opera Weekly took a few moments to dish what’s going on with some of B&B’s boldest folks these days.Soap Opera Weekly: I have to ask about Steffy’s feud against the Logans. Brooke is her stepmother. Bridget is her aunt. That she’s got an ax to grind against women who generally have been good to her is a little tough to swallow. What’s your take?

Bradley P. Bell: I think what we are seeing is that she is most loyal to her biological parents — to her mother, who has been through so much, and to her father, who she feels was disrespected and underappreciated. So, while she was very loyal to the Logans [before], Stephanie Senior has gotten in her ear and she’s developing, you know, as [young people] do, some pretty strong opinions. And maybe it comes with the name, but she’s drinking the Kool-Aid, and she is out to get them — which is something I think Jacquie [MacInnes Wood] is playing very well.

Weekly: She really is, but Bridget’s my girl, too, so I’m like, “Aww, why is Steffy taking it out on Bridget?”

Bell: [laughs] Right, I know. Bridget is going to have a heck of a dilemma. Aggie has come into her life, and she’s going to be a friend of Bridget’s, but there are going to be so many complications coming their way, so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle it.

Weekly: I really appreciate that you have so many strong women front and center on B&B, because on so many soaps, women don’t drive the story.

Bell: Well, it comes with these great actresses! Sarah Brown (Aggie) and Ashley Jones (Bridget) and Jack Wagner (Nick) — they’re going to have a great story that involves Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) and Brandon Beemer (Owen).

Weekly: It’s really doing a number on the whole Jackie M gang already.

Bell: This Jackie M group, I’m so happy, and so proud and thankful to the actors that they’ve just gelled. While we lost Spectra, we gained Jackie M, and we just have begun to explore all of the avenues.

Weekly: Yeah. They’re wonderful. I love that they’re such a band of misfits.

Bell: Yeah, they are [laughs]. It comes with the office building!

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