Behind The Music: Why GH Has Adrianne Leon Pulling Double Duty

Soap Opera Digest: You worked on GH before landing the role of Brook Lynn, correct?
Adrianne Leon: Yes, and it’s actually a very funny story.Digest: Do tell!
Leon: I was introduced to this guy named Rick Krizman, who has been writing music for GENERAL HOSPITAL for years. He was writing a new song that was kind of, like, all spoken word. Anyway, he wanted somebody younger to help advise, so I met with him.Digest: And you co-wrote the song?
Leon: Yes, that was the first song that I had ever written. It ended up being used on GENERAL HOSPITAL. The same day that we got a call from the show’s music department saying that they had purchased the song was the same day that I got my first audition for the show.Digest: For Brook Lynn?
Leon: No, it was for a different part, but then they called me back later [for the role of Brook Lynn].Digest: Do you still write music for the show?
Leon: Yes. I’ve continued to write with him, and we have three songs that have aired on the show that we co-wrote, and I did some vocals on a couple of his tracks that have aired.Digest: Do you consider yourself a musician or an actor first?
Leon: I consider myself a musician first, but acting is not far behind. I love it the same now.Digest: Who are some of your musical influences?
Leon: I have a love for all styles of music. I’ve listened to everyone from Sheryl Crow to The Beach Boys. But my current influences are probably the rock bands Linkin Park and Garbage.Digest: Did you sing and act growing up?
Leon: I was always singing. I would get in trouble, and my mom would say, “Adrianne, go to your room.” I’d be so mad, but then I’d start singing. Ten minutes later, I’d come out and be like, “Hey, Mom! What’s going on?” It was hysterical [laughs]. I did get involved with musical theater for a while, and I started singing at weddings at age 6.Digest: How was it singing with Wally Kurth (Ned) and his band Kurth & Taylor at GH’s fan club weekend?
Leon: That was awesome! It was the first time I had ever performed on stage with his band. It was crazy because it was the first time I was singing that song [“Barefoot Ballet”] and all of the fans knew it and were singing along [laughs]. I love working with Wally, and I have so much respect for his talent.Digest: Any plans to sing with him again?
Leon: We don’t yet, but I really hope something comes up.Digest: How did you decide to pursue acting as a career?
Leon: I was dared to audition at one of those open calls for a casting director. One of my friends was like, “Dude! Go do it.” And I was like, “Yeah, like I’m going to be discovered or something.”Digest: And?
Leon: It worked out, which was crazy! I got an agent, and that’s how the whole television acting came up.Digest: What was your first acting job?
Leon: GENERAL HOSPITAL. This is it [laughs]!Digest: Had you ever watched a soap opera or thought about being on one before?
Leon: I’m the kind of girl who hung out with all of the guys. So for a long time, I was like, “Soap operas? Oh, my God! You’re kidding me. How lame [laughs]!”Digest: What was your first day like?
Leon: Actually, the show brought me in about a week before I had my first actual acting day. I had to do a quick off-camera singing bit. So before my first real acting day, I had been on the set. I got to meet everybody and I really got a feel for the show. So I was nervous on my first day, but it wasn’t completely new for me. I’m still learning how to work with the cameras and everything.Digest: Who would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?
Leon: There are so many people! I would love to work with Tamara [Braun, Carly] and
, Sonny]. I have so much respect for their talent. I got to work with Steve [Burton, Jason] in one scene, but I’d love to work with him more, too.

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