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Country music artist Beau Davidson performs his original song, “You’re All I Ever Wanted” on April 2 on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. We chatted with the singer on the B&B stage to find out just how his brand of music mixes with the soaps.Soap Opera Digest: How did this gig happen for you?

Beau Davidson: [B&B Co-Creator] Lee Philip Bell went to Northwestern University and so did I. A couple of years ago, when I lived in L.A., I made contact with her and said, “I’m a former alum and a big fan of your work.” My grandmother used to watch the CBS soaps when I was a kid so I know all the characters. So Lee introduced me to her son Brad [B&B Executive Producer/Head Writer] and he listened to some of my music.

Digest: What was his reaction?

Davidson: He said, “I like what you’re doing, keep in touch.” I moved to Nashville and started cutting some material that’s really, really good, at least for me. “You’re All I Ever Wanted” was one I just recorded about a month ago. I sent it to Brad to keep him updated on what I’ve been doing. The next thing I know, he said, “We’ve got something coming up, do you want to sing for it?” That was terrific.

Digest: Is your grandmother still alive?

Davidson: No she’s not, but she would’ve been absolutely beside herself. I know that somewhere she’s pleased as punch for me. I grew to love these soaps because of her. It’s interesting to come here and sing on a show of this sort because, to get a part is fantastic but to be able to sing is a real remarkable opportunity. So many women who watch the shows are also country music fans so it’s great to speak to this audience in a unique and different way.

Digest: Are you playing a character or yourself?

Davidson: I’m essentially playing myself but I’m a friend of Whip’s [Rick Hearst]. He calls and asks me to write a song for a special occasion and I’m happy to do it.

Digest: What does your song say?

Davidson: It’s about expressing feelings and saying, “You’re all I ever needed. You give me something to hold onto and believe in.” That’s’ something every girl wants to hear.

Digest: Are you married?

Davidson: No. In fact, I was one of Cosmopolitan’s 50 Hottest Bachelors last year so they put me on FOX & FRIENDS and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and I got to sing.

Digest: What’s happening with your music career right now?

Davidson: I have my debut album coming out. I’m still recording it right now and the next step is to see who we want to work with in the label environment and Sony has expressed interest. Once that single is out, you do the radio tour and what a great thing to be able to talk about with, “My national debut of this song was on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL!”

Digest: Is country the only style of music that you sing?

Davidson: I’m also operatically trained. That kind of freaks people out because I can switch from country to opera. People don’t expect it when I bust out with a Puccini aria but you can’t beat the training. I’m from Memphis and Memphis is a conglomerate of blues, soul, rock and roll and country.

Digest: Who is your music idol?

Davidson: The guy I look up to the most is Elvis Presley. He had the looks, talent and acting so if there’s one guy I could pattern myself after, it would be him. That’s impossible to do so you just try to fill the shoes of another Memphis boy. So being from Tennessee, I gravitated to country music because the stories are so amazing.

Digest: Do you also like to act?

Davidson: Absolutely. I was also trained for the stage and the screen. I had a small role on DAYS OF OUR LIVES a few years back and I was on GILMORE GIRLS.

Digest: Are you an acting singer or a singing actor?

Davidson: I’m first and foremost a singer. When I was 2 years old, my mom bought me a toy piano and I dragged it everywhere. I remember dinking on that thing and dancing to Michael Jackson. The acting thing happened as an extension of being a musician. But music is so natural to me and what’s cool about being a singer is that you get to act. I made a lot of interesting contacts because of it. I wouldn’t be on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL if it wasn’t for the Bells.

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