Beachy Keen!

As viewers may have noticed, the Forrester beach house has been overhauled since Bill Spencer bought the place. “There was no way he would leave that place looking the way it was,” chuckles Don Diamont (Bill). “He certainly would prefer a more contemporary look. Bill wouldn’t want any remnants of the Forresters in that place. It turned out that Brad Bell [executive producer/head writer] was actually thinking about changing it anyway. The place is now a real nice combination of Bill and Katie. It’s magnificent.” Set Decorator Elsa Zamparelli talked about the changes.Why Change?

“If you look at the character of Bill Spencer, his office is very hip, modern and clean looking. When he acquired the Forrester beach house, we thought he wouldn’t leave it the same way. It was kind of tired anyway, so it was a great opportunity to redo it in a way that would be modern, yet beachy and casual. The white accents help to make it clean and fresh looking. It’s all very calming, which I felt would be right for living by the ocean.”

Where To Shop?

“I don’t like things to match. I go to a lot of different places so it doesn’t look like everything came from one store. I went to about five different stores for this look. The couch came from Crate & Barrel []. I also went to H.D. Buttercup [] and Room & Board [], then some odd small places to find accessories. The fabrics for the window coverings came from Pindler and Pindler []. Most of the pillows came from Room & Board. Some of the art came from Z Gallerie []. One of the paintings actually had a high gloss to it, which we can’t have for the camera, so I just put it under some non-reflective plexi with stainless steel bolts on it and it looks great.”
How To Make It Work?

“The big shelf unit was an espresso color, but it was the perfect size and look I wanted, so I just painted it white. That’s what’s so great about sets. I look for the right size and shape and if it’s what I need, I just paint it the color that I want. It looks good. The chandelier was in brown and I painted it a lighter color.”

What Stayed?

“I kept the bar stools. They were blue but the right height, so I painted them white. I also kept the outdoor furniture. Instead of buying something brand new, I just painted what we already had.”

When Will It Change?

“We’ll keep this look for quite a while. If the Forresters move back in, I hope they keep it like this [laughs].”

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