B&B's Wagner on His HOT Role

Tonight, Jack Wagner (Nick, B&B) is guest starring as Valerie Bertinelli's (Melanie) love interest on TV Land's hit HOT IN CLEVELAND. "I play a doctor, but he's not anything like Dr. Peter Burns," chuckles Wagner of his shady MELROSE PLACE alter ego. "The pace is very different on a sitcom, though. On soaps, it's so fast, while on sitcoms, there's so much downtime that you kind of have to pull yourself back into it. It's a luxury."

He also enjoyed working with Bertinelli. "She and I actually know each other because our kids were in the same class," he reveals. "We know each other from school events and functions. Also, I was a tour guide at Universal Studios right out of drama school and just went down to the casting office of ONE DAY AT A TIME and was an extra in the episode where Valerie's character [Barbara] got married. I never told her that! But it really is a small world."

Catch his episode tonight on TV Land at 10 p.m EST.