B&B's Imperfect Storm

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s William deVry (Storm) shares what it’s been like to finally flesh out his legal eagle character in three dimensions — even if it meant his character almost becoming public enemy No 1.

Soap Opera Weekly: Were you surprised that Storm was revealed as Stephanie’s shooter?
William deVry: Not really. My first inkling was way, way in advance before the story started to develop [on air]. As it developed I became sure it was headed in that direction.

Weekly: What was the cast reaction?
deVry: I think it was just “another day at the office.” Everybody was wondering who it was. We were all running around asking each other. But once we all found out nobody came up to me and said, “I can’t believe you did it!” (laughs). But I’m proud of the fact that we were all able to keep the secret amongst ourselves. I don’t believe it ever got out anywhere, which is great.

Weekly: Would it be fair to say that Storm is truly remorseful for what happened?
deVry: The way this plays out he’s definitely remorseful.

Weekly: So it was really a case of him succumbing to a lot of pent-up rage and resentment?
deVry: He just sort of snapped. One of the things that really set Storm off was the rape of his sister (Brooke), and that Stephanie helped facilitate that. And them locking Donna in the steamroom, and all of the cruelty towards his family. But for him, [the uncontrollable rage] is not who he is in his daily life. It’s not who he tries to be or how he defines himself. But at some point he just snapped and then he was like, “What in the hell happened?!”

Weekly: Yet he really wanted to “do the right thing” and take responsibility for what he did.
deVry: You look around the world right now and it just seems better to take responsibility for what you’ve done, for example this whole baseball [scandal] right now. We’re a pretty forgiving country.

Weekly: It looks like Stephen and Storm have some relationship work planned for themselves in Europe.
deVry: I think they both have their issues to work on, a lot of guilt on Stephen’s part and a lot of anger on Storm’s part.

Weekly: This sets up an intriguing premise for what’s to come after this.
deVry: For sure. Beverly Hills is going to be quite an interesting place to visit when the repercussions from all of this get felt.

Weekly: Do you think we will see a different Storm?
deVry: I think so. I think you’ll see a little more relaxed, somewhat subdued Storm. More humble. But anybody who has that history can always fall off the truck again, so to speak.

Weekly: And where does this leave his sisters?
deVry: I think the Logan family itself is a stronger unit. This certainly opens up the possibility for a whole family reunion, with the mother and father, but I don’t think the situation is completely settled. I think you’ll see there’s more to play out.

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