B&B's Bridget: The Doctor Is In

The Logan-Forrester clan on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL has been elbow-deep in drama since Storm shot himself so Katie could have his heart. Ashley Jones (Bridget) is glad to be in the thick of it — and to be playing doctor.

Soap Opera Weekly: With all this angst, do you hope that Bridget gets to have some lightness in her life soon?
Ashley Jones: Yes. Although, you know, Bridget’s never really had [lightness in her life]. She and Nick are definitely going to have some lovely moments coming up. Plus, I love all the times I get to spend with the baby. I make it as light as I can, and look forward to those moments. But Bridget’s taking after her mom. There’s not a whole lot of full happy. It’s a lot of tears.

Weekly: Will there be tears as Nick and Katie continue to grow close?
Jones: They’ve had their moments, and, of course, the audience is supposed to feel like there might be bonding on some level; that’s the whole point of the story. But what Bridget has seen is that Nick has done nothing but follow through with Bridget’s wishes. He’s helping her family. It’s pretty wonderful. It’s almost like he’s helping his in-law.

Weekly: Bridget has been helping, too, in a medical capacity. Do you like being Bridget in doctor mode?
Jones: Oh, yeah. It’s cool because Bridget’s had a lot of [medical action]. I love playing those scenes, and I got to do a lot of that lately.

Weekly: She’s doing more medical work than half the people on GENERAL HOSPITAL.
Jones: Really? That’s so funny! I thought you were going to say GREY’S ANATOMY; I’m like, “Well, I’m not quite like GREY’S…” I love that show. I’m not a die-hard fan, but when I’m home I watch it.

Weekly: With Katie in increasingly dire straits this week, what can we expect from the Logans?
Jones: They keep thinking it’s going to get better, and then it gets worse. She gets better and then they have to say goodbye to her again. It’s like, “Oh, yeah, she’s living…oh, wait, she fainted. Now she’s dying.” So it’s sheer exhaustion. To say they’re deliriously happy and then deliriously desperate is probably an understatement. It’s almost to the point where it’s hard for them to feel anything anymore.