B&B Disbands Fan Club

Due to the overwhelming response on the show's Facebook page, B&B has decided to disband its official show fan club. "B&B has always been dedicated to establishing and maintaining a good relationship with our fans," explains a spokesperson for the soap. "The fact that our official fan club is disbanding is not at all a sign that this has changed. In actuality, it is the opposite. B&B remains extremely committed to our fans and we are utilizing our social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, along with live streaming of special events via our Web site, www.boldandbeautiful.com, to keep our fans informed on a daily basis of what's going on behind the scenes, sneak peeks at things to come, locations and dates of public appearances as well as how to independently network with their favorite actors from B&B. Fans can find us on Facebook and Twitter, for free. Of course, if anyone wants an autographed headshot, they may write directly to the specific actor c/o B&B, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036."

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