B&B vet Ashley Jones (ex-Bridget) produced and stars in the upcoming Liftetime movie THE SECRET SEX LIFE OF A SINGLE MOM, which debuts on May 31. For the actress/producer, wearing two hats got a little complicated. “There were times where I felt that I was caught between a rock and a hard place because as an actor, I wanted to cut something or do something a different way, but putting on the producer hat, you want to stay as true to the script and the actual information as possible,” Jones explains. “There were a couple of moments where, as an actor, I would have wanted to argue with the producer, and so those were interesting moments and you have to reconcile that. But, we figured it out and pushed forward." In addition to Jones, GH soap vet Cynthia Preston (ex-Faith) also stars in the flick. “She was such a joy to work with,” Jones raves. “She’s so wonderful. She’s a ball of sunshine. I loved working with her and I hope I get to do it many more times.” For more information about the movie, click here.