Battle to the Death

On B&B, Texas Battle‘s storyline is heating up as Marcus and Dayzee grow closer. Meanwhile, the actor is also filming MTV’s new supernatural series DEATH VALLEY. Digest caught up with the busy star, who talks about his latest project and why B&B will always come first in his heart.Soap Opera Digest: Congrats on DEATH VALLEY! What can you tell us about your new show?

Texas Battle: Well, we’ll be shooting 12 episodes starting in January, but it’ll be around the L.A. area so Marcus isn’t going anywhere! But the series is an action/comedy and I play a UTF — that’s “Undead Task Force” — agent who’s protecting the world from zombies, werewolves and vampires. It’s a world where we all live amongst each other, but there are rules; you can’t just go out and be a vampire and bite people. And if you step out of line, this is where my character comes along and puts his foot down. It’s going to be pretty funny.

Digest: That sounds kind of crazy — a little like BUFFY and TRUE BLOOD.

Battle: Exactly. If you’re into those kinds of shows, you’ll like this one. I’m a horror fanatic, so I love this kind of thing. There’s a lot of action in it, a lot of zombies and fighting.

Digest: It’s cool that there are zombies in it. You often get werewovles and vampires on the same series, but the zombies tend to get isolated.

Battle: I know, right [laughs]? Well, this series is different because it has a little bit of everything supernatural. Also, I think that this will be funnier than a lot of the vampire shows and movies out there. It’s not going to be like Twilight, which is pretty serious most of the time.

Digest: When is it going to begin airing?

Battle: Around May or June.

Digest: It must be exciting to do something different from Marcus since you’ve been playing him for two-and-a-half years.

Battle: It is fun to be doing a different genre that has a lot of action in it, but don’t get me wrong — I love playing Marcus. Right now, he has a bunch of stories in the works — his thing with Dayzee, his parents [Donna and Justin] getting closer — so it’s a good time for me on B&B.

Digest: You’re lucky that you get to do both, then.

Battle: I really am. B&B is my home. When I do other things, I’ll tell people, “I’m appearing on this or that,” but I’m on B&B. That’s my main thing, that I always come back to.

Digest: Well, it sounds like 2011 is shaping up to be a great year for you.

Battle: Thanks! I hope so. I hope that DEATH VALLEY does really well and that B&B wins another [Daytime] Emmy for Best Show. That would be the icing on the cake for me.

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