Baby Talk — and Girl Talk — With Nadia Bjorlin

DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Chloe has a one-night stand to cover up, a baby whose paternity is still up for grabs, and a soon-to-be-stepdaughter poised to blow her life wide open. Luckily, she’s got some great girlfriends to lean on. Actress Nadia Bjorlin is relishing every minute of the action.Soap Opera Weekly: I love that the paternity of Chloe’s baby is still ongoing. I’m just waiting for the kid to be born with dimples, and that will be the reveal! Like, “It’s Philip’s!”

Nadia Bjorlin: But the whole predicament at that point will be where will the dimples be? In the chin (like Daniel) or in the cheeks (like Philip)? It’s all about the location [laughs]! The kid will, for sure, have blue eyes!

Weekly: It certainly makes for great drama.

Bjorlin: I would say it’s probably my favorite storyline since I’ve been back, just because the stakes are so high.

Weekly: Do you sympathize with your character being in such a conundrum?

Bjorlin: I do sympathize with Chloe, because she really does mean well, but she just makes terrible mistakes and has to live with the consequences. Chloe really bears the brunt of making a mistake; she suffers the worst possible outcomes. Some people get away with it — other people on the show literally get away with murder — and Chloe just makes a poor choice one night, and then she has to live with paternity tests and all this stuff.

Weekly: I love how Nicole and Carly, two of her former enemies, have turned into her BFFs throughout this.

Bjorlin: Only in Salem does that happen [laughs]. Chloe’s very forgiving.

Weekly: They have a lot of experience in messing up and making bad choices, so it’s great that she has friends who understand.

Bjorlin: Exactly. That’s what’s kind of nice. I’m also liking the dynamic with Carly and Chloe, because it’s just such a fun, different dynamic working with Crystal [Chappell]. She’s so amazing, and she’s so great to learn from. It’s nice how it’s being written that Chloe is starting to sympathize with Carly. There’s just an honesty between them, and Chloe, at one point, says, “I couldn’t see this day happening, but I’m more honest with you than anybody else in my life.” And Carly’s seeing Chloe for who she is — knowing that she makes some mistakes and she’s naive and she let Vivian trick her into things. Carly was in the same predicament — tangled in Vivian’s hateful web — and she’s feeling for Chloe, knowing that she just wants to make things right. So, she’s forgiving of her in that sense. It’s also nice to see that we have female relationships. That’s kind of the nice thing about DAYS. I don’t really know the five other shows, but DAYS actually lets the girls be friends!

Weekly: That was the wonderful thing about Chloe’s baby shower: seeing a room full of women!

Bjorlin: Yeah. Who knew, right? It’s really fun to be able to work with the other women, and we have such a great time doing it. I think that’s so much more realistic than just having all the women pining away for the men and hating each other.

Weekly: Well, it makes the story richer, and more complex…especially with Melanie poised to blow at any second.

Bjorlin: Yeah. Absolutely. And it’s going to get really exciting. The whole wedding story is really exciting. This whole week, you’re on the edge of your seat going, “Oh, my God, now what?” At a certain point, you feel like everybody’s trying to help somebody get out of a sticky situation just to help this wedding go through. It’s really kind of fun. Nicole’s trying, Carly’s trying; it’s like, “Please, please let all the stars align!”

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