Baby Talk With ATWT's Jennifer Ferrin

Paul freaks at the beginning of the week when he finds Jennifer holding Rory and claiming the baby is hers. “Jennifer has had this motherly connection and everyone has told her it’s grief, but when she finally sees the baby they are calling ‘Rory,’ she knows,” says Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer). “She’s messed up [on drugs], but she’s certain about this.”

Jennifer is sedated so they can get the baby back, and she’s taken to the hospital, where her dangerous mix of meth and antidepressants is uncovered. “The reason she keeps doing the drugs is because she feels out of control when she comes off the high,” shrugs Ferrin. “She feels the loss of her baby and her marriage. It’s just too much. The drugs give her that feeling of euphoria and accomplishment and confidence.”

Confident that Rory is her son, Jennifer sneaks out of the hospital to reclaim him. “She’s mad that no one believes her,” asserts Ferrin. “Her son is alive and she’s not with him. It’s incredibly frustrating. She has to get out and go find him.”

Jennifer tracks down Rory at Jack and Carly’s and takes the baby once again when they leave the room. “There’s no guilt,” assures Ferrin. “This baby belongs with her and not with strangers. It’s a desperate act.”

Paul stops Jennifer just as she is about to leave town with Rory. “She’s begging for Paul to believe her and she lets her guard down,” previews Ferrin. “She thinks he may believe her, but he takes the baby back.”

The situation looks hopeless, until Dusty suddenly remembers something about Jennifer’s baby…

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