Auld Lang Syne

Soap Opera Weekly: Brooke has been a hunk magnet since the show began more than 16 years ago.

Katherine Kelly Lang: (laughing) Then why is she always so sad and depressed?

Weekly: Why is that? Do you see Brooke as a victim?

Lang: I think she puts herself in that situation a lot. She really needs to start taking control. She needs to make things happen for herself and then she’ll know exactly what she’s getting, and not “Oh, but I’m so in love with Ridge,” and then…. That’s been going on forever.

Weekly: You sound a little frustrated with her.

Lang: I am (laughs). I’m tired of leaving the show with those burning, stinging eyeballs. I walk out of the building and I can barely see because I have blurry red eyes from crying in all the scenes.

Weekly: Brooke’s detractors — other characters and fans — think she is to blame for a lot of people’s misfortunes and unhappiness.

Lang: Yeah, what is that? Brooke’s always blamed for everything. And that’s what I can’t figure out still to this day (laughs). And everybody else, they do all this horrible stuff and never get blamed for anything, you know?

Weekly: So Brooke was blameless when she slept with her daughter’s husband?

Lang: Oh, no, no. She should be blamed for that, definitely. There’s a perfect example of Brooke not thinking ahead and just going with her feelings and her libido (laughs). She’s in love with the idea of being in love, and that doesn’t allow her to think properly. But even if it’s baby steps, there
has got to be some sign of change or learning from her mistakes, or she will always be looked down upon.

Weekly: They’ve tried that, but it never sticks. The scenes in the cabin with Stephanie and the memory album, and again after Stephanie and Bridget helped deliver Hope. But then it always just sort of slips away.

Lang: Exactly. Is that saying true, that a leopard never changes its spots? That’s what I’m thinking (laughs).

Weekly: Maybe that’s also part of Brooke’s charm. I wonder if Nick Payne will get caught up in that.

Lang: (laughs) As soon as they met, everybody started calling, “Is she going to end up in bed with him?” Oh, my God, they go right to there, you know? (laughs) Not, “Is something going to develop?” Oh, the fans are hysterical.

Weekly: Well, Brooke does have a reputation. She slept with Deacon in her office, leaving Megan to change the sheets. And then the simultaneous orgasm. Brad (Bell) told me he might have pushed the envelope a little too far on that one.

Lang: Oh, well, you know what? At least he tried. I give it to Brad because he had guts to do that, he got away with it, and he probably won’t ever do it again.

Weekly: Was it difficult to tape?

Lang: I think they actually cleared the set so it wouldn’t look like people were gawking. And while we were doing it, it didn’t seem too big to me, or seem so unreal. It didn’t even seem like that’s what we were doing. I think he played that on his side more than I did. I don’t remember how it came off. But I don’t remember really feeling like I… (laughs) I don’t know how to say this! This is a weird conversation! (laughs) Because if you think about it, it’s almost like doing porno or something, if you have to do that in a scene.

Weekly: Is that what it said in the script?

Lang: It said something like they actually climax together. I said, “What?! What?! That can’t be. How are we going to shoot that?” But they did. They went with it, and they still weren’t sure. We shot it two different ways, so they had the opportunity to take the other.

Weekly: Did you watch the show air?

Lang: I think I did (laughs). I don’t remember it that well. It wasn’t disgusting or anything, was it?

Weekly: I didn’t think so. I thought, Oh, look what they just got away with. Did your husband watch?

Lang: No.

Weekly: Did he know you were doing it?

Lang: No (small laugh).

Weekly: Did he know afterward?

Lang: I don’t think so (laughs). He really doesn’t pay much attention.

Weekly: You’ve had to prance around in skimpy lingerie for years. Has that gotten easier for you? Do you blush?

Lang: It was hard at first, and then I did it so much that I got used to it. I’m really picky about looking good, and I don’t want to be flabby or anything like that when I’m prancing around in my little underwear. I like to stay in shape anyway, but it gets harder the more busy you are and the older you get. So sometimes I get bothered by that, like, “Oh, I’m not in the perfect shape I want to be in and they’re putting me in this teeny thing.” But I’m pretty comfortable with it, and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done it for so long on the show and I know everybody so well. It’s like, “Oh, it’s just another day.”

Weekly: What if you have those kind of scenes with Jack Wagner (Nick)?

Lang: Yeah, it is harder, a little more nerve-
racking doing it with somebody who’s coming on new or that you don’t know so well. I tend to get a little more nervous.

Weekly: Did you know Jack before he joined the show?

Lang: I have known him for years. I knew him, like, I don’t even want to say….(laughs) No. I knew him when I was around 20 or something. I’d see him at different interviews here and there. I can’t remember where I met him initially. It’s great having him come on the show. He’s such a great actor, so it’s fun to work with him. He’s got a great character going.

Weekly: He made an immediate statement with that stogie and match.

Lang: And I think that’s something Brooke would like, you know what I mean? (laughs) That’s something that would spark her interest, if she falls out of love with Ridge.

Weekly: Will that ever really happen?

Lang: Oh, that’s so hard to say, because there’s just so much history there. I think he’s always going to be the love of her life somehow, if they’re together or not. She could be with somebody else and be happy, if he has everything she needs and is interesting enough to keep her there and excited (laughs).

Weekly: What is it like working with Ronn Moss for so many years?

Lang: Well, we’re like family. He’s just the greatest guy ever. So professional and so respectful and so caring of everybody and everything that goes on.

Weekly: Do you see each other outside?

Lang: Occasionally. We’ve gotten the kids together. We used to ride together a long time ago. But pretty much I don’t see other people outside of work. I’m so busy with my outside life that I don’t have time.

Weekly: How did you and your husband meet? (Lang is married to manager Alex D’Andrea. Their household consists of Lang’s two sons and D’Andrea’s daughter from a previous marriage, and their 6-year-old daughter.)

Lang: We met in a gym, actually. Isn’t that hysterical? We were both a sweaty mess (laughs) and he said he noticed my back. Yeah, right (laughs).

Weekly: That’s a good line.

Lang: Isn’t it funny? “Your back. I noticed your back.” I said, “My back, huh?” And from there we just kind of went on a few dates and it went further and further. I think in a month we were pretty serious.

Weekly: Did you ask your sons for permission to marry him, as Ridge did with his kids?

Lang: No. When I married Alex they were like 3 and 5, so it wasn’t even a question of asking them. They loved him. To them he was already their second dad by the time we

Weekly: I thought it was hilarious when Ridge and Thomas had a talk about Brooke and Thomas called her a hottie.

Lang: Kids are noticing things like that earlier and earlier. Oh, my God, pretty soon he’ll be grown up and Brooke will be, like, (laughs) looking at Thomas.

Weekly: Stephanie would go nuts. Susan Flannery, on the other hand, thinks so highly of you that she praised you during her first Emmy acceptance speech. What was that like for you?

Lang: I was shocked and thrilled. I mean, it was hard for me to believe because I never really heard Susan say anything like that. So I was taken aback. I love her dearly! She is such a strong person, full of life and staying young forever. She is a force to be reckoned with. I watch her every day and I’m amazed by her. She’s taught me a lot, just working with her, seeing how she works, how she gets the job done. She’s incredible.

Weekly: In recent years, your name is often on the list of actors who should but don’t get Emmy nominations.

Lang: (sighs) I don’t know what to think about the whole Emmy thing. The three who got nominated from our show this year deserved it. They did it a new way this year, and I was on the first list to show a tape to the judges. So I had a chance (laughs). I had a very good chance and didn’t make it. I looked at so many tapes and didn’t like anything. I just felt so — it’s like what we were talking about earlier, Brooke being the victim (makes a whining noise). All that whiny, whiny and playing the violin. All my scenes were like just crying and whining. And I was freaking out trying to find something, and I wasn’t happy with what I picked. Brooke can get into the crying, whiny thing, but she’s also got to become a little stronger and be able to stand up for herself. But as for the Emmy, I’m certainly not making an excuse. Maybe I just have to try harder (laughs).

Weekly: Do you care?

Lang: I do care. I mean, it’s not life or death. It would be nice to be acknowledged and know that you’re doing a good job. But you know what? The smallest thing, just like the producer saying at the end of the day, “Those were great scenes. Thank you so much.” I say, “OK, great. I feel really good about that.” But getting an award or an Emmy, that takes it even one step further. Sometimes I feel great about my work, but then I can also feel that burnout thing happening because I have just done it for so long and always have had kind of front-burner storylines. But then there are times when I’m really revved up, or they change the story a little bit or they bring on a new character. Like Jack now. So it kind of brings new life or spark to it, and kind of gives you a kick in the butt like, “OK, I gotta really work on this.” And always, when I have scenes with Susan, I definitely try to be really prepared (laughs) and try to do something different or really strong.

Weekly: Do you ever think about leaving?

Lang: (sighs) I think about retiring someday (laughs), moving to a deserted island and sitting there and doing nothing. And then I think, Gosh, what would I do if I did? Even if I was acting and doing things here and there, I think I would miss the work that I get to do every day.

Weekly: How do you deal with those vocal fans who hate Brooke? Do you read the message boards?

Lang: Oh, gosh, no (laughs). People try to tell me about that stuff and I say, “Oh, shut up!” (laughs) When I start thinking about everybody out there who is actually watching the show, then you start freaking out. It’s kind of mind-boggling, kind of surreal. I like hearing people’s opinions, but I’m not going to go crazy over it, and I don’t take it personally. I mean, I agree with them sometimes. I don’t like what Brooke does sometimes, but I know she never meant to do anything on purpose or to really hurt anybody. Even if I was playing a bad character, I wouldn’t take it personally because it’s what you do and that’s how people are supposed to react.

Weekly: If Brooke were a real person, would you be her friend? Is she someone you’d like to spend a day with at a spa, go for coffee with, just hang out?

Lang: (laughs) That’s really weird because it’s too close to home. Even if you asked that about me, I wouldn’t know how to answer. Would I want to be a friend of mine, personally, Katherine? I don’t know. I have a feeling if I was a friend of Brooke’s I’d be spending a lot of time like Megan does, you know, listening, for Brooke to bounce off, for Brooke to cry on her shoulder, for Brooke to tell her all her problems. You know what I mean? (laughs)
I would think Brooke’s friend would have to be there for her and listen to her and help her through things. I’m not sure Brooke would take the time to reciprocate. I feel bad saying that because it’s my character. Oh, God, I’m feeling guilty (laughs)!