AMC's William de Vry (Michael) Says Good-bye

William de Vry (soon-to-be ex-Michael, ALL MY CHILDREN) made a lot of friends in the soap world during his year-long stay in Pine Valley. He shared his thoughts with Digest about who he’ll miss the most.“From a character standpoint, it’s more who I didn’t work with [that I’ll miss]. Dr. David [Vincent Irizarry] had a lot of vested interest in Michael; it’s too bad we didn’t get to work together. I would love to have matched wits with Michael E. Knight, Tad. I had my first scenes with Alicia [Minshew, Kendall] and I’m very, very fond of that first day on-set; it feels almost like a dream to me, like a fantasy. That first day on ALL MY CHILDREN with Alicia, having scene after scene after scene, I was in heaven. I loved it. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I will miss working with Alicia. Olga [Sosnovska, Lena] is extremely talented.
“There are a lot of actors I didn’t see around the set very much: Jill Larson
[Opal], Julia Barr [Brooke]. Never did get to meet Ruth Warrick [Phoebe]. Cameron [Mathison, Ryan] I haven’t worked with at all, and yet we’ve become good friends and I think we’ll remain so.

Terri [Ivens, Simone] … I just love her so much. She’s genuine. Right or wrong, she is what she is and she is genuine about being right or wrong! You can’t help but respect that. She’s not always trying to be right or ‘on.’ You don’t have to peel away layers to get to know who she is, and that’s so refreshing. And it’s a good reminder because I think a lot of us develop these callouses to protect ourselves and nobody really needs that.“Terri went out of her way to help me with the Rainbow’s Hope [charity] event [a cause close to de Vry’s heart]. Michael E. Knight, I’m sure he just wants to come to work and not have to worry about too much, but he went out of his way to be there and to please the fans. It’s such an eye-opener. It’s touching. Just talking about it right now, I think about how grateful I am to them and how touching it was to see them interact with the kids who were there, kids with cancer, parents who have lost their children. It was a difficult evening in some ways.”Marc Menard [Boyd], I know I can always count on. I am sure Marc and I will always be friends because he is always there for me. I am grateful to him. Catherine Hickland [Lindsay] from ONE LIFE, fantastic woman. I see what Michael [Knight, her husband] sees in her, obviously; I see what they see in each other.Dan Gauthier [Kevin, OLTL] is so much fun to be around and Nathaniel Marston [Al, OLTL] is another guy who’s just like, he is what he is and he’s so open about himself, it’s refreshing. He’s somewhat abrupt, but when you accept that he’s somewhat abrupt, you’re like, ‘Man, this is cool, this is all right! Why didn’t I get his number? He’s a cool guy!’ “

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