AMC's Goldin on Rumors: "Not True"

Hot on the heels of an all-cast meeting held by AMC's Executive Producer Julie Carruthers, Digest spoke to Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake, AMC) about the future of Pine Valley. The actor offers a much more positive view than what's been circulating on the Internet. "We have been told by the powers-that-be we're not going anywhere, that the rumors are not true and we would have been the first to know," Goldin reports. "These are all vicious rumors. To see false rumors affect or impact a legacy television program like this would be a sin." But that's not to say that the cast wasn't concerned. "It was a bit of a downer that we've all been fielding questions and texts and e-mails from people who love us, our family and friends," he notes. "My mom called and asked me if the show was going off the air. That doesn't set you up for a good day at work. That was so yesterday. And everybody is fine today." Nevertheless, the actor urges the fans to show their support for the 41-year-old sudser. "Now is the time to let their voices be heard," he says. "And they can do that by calling this phone number: 818-460-7477, press 1, then 2, then 3, then 255 for ALL MY CHILDREN and tell the powers-that-be that they support and love the show and that if the show doesn't go anywhere, they're not going anywhere." For more from the actor, check out a future issue of Digest. And for more AMC contact info, click here.