AMC's Egan On Emmy Nod: "You Feel Like It's Your Birthday!"

"My mom is in town visiting, so I was having coffee with her and my boyfriend before he went to work," says Melissa Claire Egan (Y&R's Chelsea), who is up for Supporting Actress for her work as AMC's Annie. "NATAS had sent us the link to the Web site the nominations were going to be on, so we just clicked on the link and scrolled down and saw my name! It was so nice to be able to share it with the two of them." Before long, congrats started pouring in. "I got texts and Facebook messages and e-mails all day. I heard from Chrishell [Stause, ex-Amanda, AMC], Alicia [Minshew, ex-Kendall, AMC], Cameron [Mathison, ex-Ryan, AMC], Mikey Knight [ex-Tad, AMC]. It becomes this influx of people contacting you and being happy for you — you feel like it's your birthday!" When it came to picking her submission, Egan said she knew right away which episode she wanted to represent her. "I had some of my strongest material in 2011, because the stuff leading up tomy exit was the craziest Annie's ever been," she chuckles. "I submitted the scenes where Annie had locked Marissa in the attic and is trying to get JR to propose to her and he is trying to get her to commit herself to Oak Haven and he says, 'It won't be forever,' and she says, 'Five minutes in that place is forever.' You see the Fatal Attraction, Glenn Close side to her, but you also see her being scared and vulnerable." Win or lose, Egan is prepared to have a blast at the ceremony. "I'll be cheering for Y&R and AMC! It's going to be so wonderful to see the folks from ALL MY CHILDREN and to celebrate the show. For me, Annie is the gift that keeps on giving."