Amber Skye Noyes Debuts As OLTL's Michelle

Matthew finally comes face to face with his online girlfriend, Michelle [Amber Skye Noyes], on today's OLTL, streaming on and iTunes. Says Noyes of her alter ego, "It gets very interesting when she finally comes to Llanview and has to be a real person," says the newcomer. "She can't hide behind a profile and just say stuff online. She has to be in the flesh and live up to all of these expectations that Matthew has of her to be this perfect girl." Noyes, who is making her daytime debut, admits she's enjoying every minute she gets to be a part of the OLTL reboot. "It's been fun for me because I get along with all of these people in real life. We're kind of inseparable. We all hang out backstage and eat lunch together. I take the train with Rob Gorrie [Matthew] every morning to set. It's so fun to be great friends with the people off-set but also have great chemistry with them on-screen, too."

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