Alicia Leigh Willis - FYI

Recent fad I admit to trying: I haven’t tried any.

Favorite song: Tom Waits’ “I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love with You.”

If I could live anywhere, it’d be: this little island called Tavarua in Fiji.

Nicknames: my sister calls me Lulu.

My first kiss: when I was 14 I kissed a boy while we were sitting on a skateboard.

Language I wish I could speak: French.

Word or phrase I overuse: lately, anything from Napoleon Dynamite.

Actor/actress I would like to appear opposite: Susan Sarandon.

Favorite subject in school: photography.

Currently reading: The Secret Life of Bees (by Sue Kidd).

Favorite book: Veronika Decides to Die (by Paulo Coelho).

Favorite comfort food: pizza.

Magical power I’d most like to have: time travel.

If I could be in a TV show as a character for one month, I’d choose: Sex and the City.

Sound that most annoys me: horns honking.

Quality I like most in a mate: confidence.

My heroes: my parents.

Greatest achievement: getting to where I am right now as far as acting.

Favorite ice cream flavor: coffee.

Favorite vacation spot: Tavarua.

First person I would thank in my Oscar acceptance speech: my acting teacher, D.W. Brown.

Favorite pizza topping: pepperoni.

Favorite cartoon character: Jem of Jem and the Holograms.

Favorite breakfast cereal: Grape Nuts.

Something you’d be surprised to know about me: I started painting, last year.

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