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Wendy Williams debuts in Llanview on March 2 as sassy TV reporter Phyllis Rose. Digest caught up with OLTL Head Writer Ron Carlivati to dish about the talk-show host’s hot new daytime role.Soap Opera Digest: What’s it been like having Wendy around the set?

Ron Carlivati: She’s great! It was really exciting and I watched her for like two hours on the set her first day. We had a blast. It’s going to be really fun to have her on.

Digest: Has it been fun writing for Phyllis?

Carlivati: Phyllis is definitely her own character, but I said to Wendy, ‘Feel free to Wendify it!’ [Laughs] Give us the ‘How you doin’ Llanview?’ which she totally does and plays up!”

Digest: Why did you decide to go this route story-wise? It’s a fun twist.

Carlivati: It’s just a really exciting new element to the show. She’s on a show called ACCESS LLANVIEW, which is kind of like an ACCESS HOLLYWOOD or TMZ kind of show and she’s commenting on all of the drama that’s going on all over town. You don’t wanna land up on ACCESS LLANVIEW, because all of your dirt will be coming out! Just in the Buchanans alone, it’s enough for several television shows!

Digest: Had you met Wendy before?

Carlivati: No! I actually went to her show once as an audience member, but I had never met her. I’m a huge Wendy Williams fan, so I’m so excited. It’s just really fun to have this new element to the show. She’s great and I really hope her audience will be excited to see her on the show.

Digest: We’ve heard whispers that she might be around for a while, too.

Carlivati: We’re really hoping that, as much as possible, we can really keep it going.

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