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That Maeve Quinlan (ex-Megan, B&B) is one busy actress. Besides appearing on the series SOUTH OF NOWHERE (Paula) and guest-starring on 90210 (Constance), she also headlines on a sitcom called 3WAY that can be found exclusively on the Internet (www.3waytv.tv).Soap Opera Digest: What is the show about?

Maeve Quinlan: It’s like a new kind of THREE’S COMPANY. I play Siobhan McGarry, a really bad actress on a fictional soap called YOUNG DOCTORS WHO CRY. Her agent asked the show for a raise so they fired her. He saved her job and now Siobhan’s soap character is in a coma on a recurring basis. She has no lines and appears once a month. She finds herself in a bad financial situation after just divorcing her husband, an overweight action star. She let him have the mansion and everything else because all she wanted was the dog but the day after the divorce papers are signed, the dog dies. So she’s broke with a dead-end job. Life is not good.

Digest: Is this where the roomies come in?

Quinlan: Yep. Siobhan is desperate so she moves in her best friend Roxie [Cathy Shim] who, one week later meets, Andrea [Jill Bennett] and like any good lesbian, moves her in.

Digest: But your character is straight, right?

Quinlan: Right, but her love life sucks. Scott Holroyd, who used to be on AS THE WORLD TURNS [ex-Paul], plays Siobhan’s boyfriend, Grant. He’s an actor on YOUNG DOCTORS WHO CRY and I should mention that Siobhan thinks he’s her boyfriend — he barely remembers her name. After they first hook up, he autographs his headshot for her, which has happened to me.

Digest: Yikes. Do you use other real-life stories?

Quinlan: One of the characters has a prosthetic finger like an ex-boyfriend of mine has. But anything my friends say or do could show up in 3WAY. I can’t come up with everything on my own. My head is usually fulls of marbles and phone calls I haven’t returned. I just might have to have a fabulous reporter from a soap magazine. Maybe Soap Opera Indigestion. I’m going to create a character based on you and have Perez Hilton play him.

Digest: I like it! How did you come up with the idea of this show?

Quinlan: On SOUTH OF NOWHERE, my character is a homophobe. Then on the message boards, which actors should never read because they say you’re fat and gross, people were actually calling me and not my character, a homophobe. I couldn’t believe it because most of my friends are gay and lesbian. In fact, my best friend and her new girlfriend used to live with me so I used that for a series concept, made it different and bigger then brought the idea to Nancylee Myatt who co-produced SOUTH OF NOWHERE and she loved the idea.

Digest: Did you try to sell it to TV first?

Quinlan: We were initially going to do that but we decided to try it as a Web series to see how it would do. We thought the networks might be scared off by the gay content but it’s not a gay or straight show. It’s a funny show. It’s very inclusive so it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight. We were only going to do a couple of episodes but there was a demand for us to keep going. If you go on www.3waytv.tv, there are 12 episodes. Initially they were seven minutes long, but our audience wanted us to make it longer so you’ll see the episode have become 21 minutes long. But it may still end up on TV after all.

Digest: How so?

Quinlan: The Logo channel called us Most Guilty Pleasure so we’ve been talking to them about becoming a series on their channel. They’re really big fans.

Digest: What else surprised you about this show?

Quinlan: I actually have actors coming up to me and asking to be in it. We’ve had some amazing guest stars. Kristy Swanson plays the funniest stalker and Elizabeth Keener from THE L WORD is a crazy ex. Jennifer Finnigan [ex-Bridget, B&B] and [her husband] Jonathan Silverman are going to do an upcoming episode.

Digest: What about your real-life pal Matthew Perry (ex-Chandler, FRIENDS)?

Quinlan: I can’t afford him. Maybe the lesbian thing might entice him [laughs].

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