20 Things We'd Like to See on AMC Before September

We can't bear the thought of the show going off the air, but especially without these desired occurrences! Here they are, in no particular order…

1. Jack and Erica say "I do".
2. Appearances by Adam, Brooke, Joe, Ruth, and Zach (to name a few).
3. Kendall makes Ricky pay for Zach's death.
4. Opal at the Glamourama.
5. Tad and Cara's marriage becomes "real".
6. Angie gets her eyesight back.
7. Somehow, some way, a happy ending to the Angie/Jesse baby saga.
8. Marissa reveals that she's bisexual (no one ever bothered to ask!) and romances Bianca.
9. Flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks.
10. More flashbacks.
11. Genuine romance for Krystal. We hear Caleb's available…
12. A magical cure for Annie and a "Jannie" reunion!
13. A healthy birth for Madison's baby (and a happy ending for Mad and Scott).
14. Traffic at the cemetery! Tad and JR visit Dixie's grave, Erica visits Mona's grave…
15. Jake and Amanda decide together that it's time for Baby No. 2.
16. Colby eases up on Liza, and on video blogging.
17. Just for fun, Ryan actually goes to the office.
18. Brot and Natalia in the same city.
19. Leo returns to Greenlee. (We can dream, can't we?)
20. David gets his medical license back. (Hey, even villains need happy endings.)

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