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BIRTHDATE: October 4
YEARS ON SHOW: November 2007-present

If Missouri native Brandon Barash hadn't become an actor, he says he would have been a doctor. That's because the then-USC student had a dual major: theater and pre-med. "My plan was to play college basketball and become a surgeon," he says. But a knee injury changed those plans and Barash found solace in performing in school plays. However, the burden of such a heavy dual major took its toll and Barash had to make a decision. "I came to a crossroads," he notes. "You can't do both." 

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  1. Worked with GH: NIGHT SHIFT's Antonio Sabato Jr. in the film Crash Landing.
  2. Credits Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven and the Beatles as his musical inspirations.
  3. His favorite vacation spot is Alaska.
  4. Says his toes are his worst physical attribute. "They're about as long as my finger," he chuckles.
  5. Shaved his head in high school when he landed the role of Daddy Warbucks in Annie.
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Other Roles

TV Roles
GILMORE GIRLS (Jamie, 2002-'04)
THREAT MATRIX (Marine #1, 2003)
THE WEST WING (Brett, 2003)
24 (CTU tech Brandon, 2005)
TELL ME YOU LOVE ME (Frank, 2007)

Film Roles
Crash Landing (Roger, 2005)
Intellectual Property (Jenny's Boyfriend, 2006)
Ten Inch Hero (Stud, 2007)

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