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Austin Williams 411

BIRTHDATE: November 13, 1996
STAR SIGN: Scorpio
YEARS ON SHOW: October 2007-present

Austin Williams started showing everyone that he was someone very special when, at the age of 2, he started to spell words and could identify five-digit numbers. Two years later, he had taught himself to read. He scored 99.9 percent on an IQ test while in the first grade.

His first movie role was The Good Shepherd. He was cast by director Robert De Niro to play the movie's star, Matt Damon, as a child in flashbacks. The following year, he scored the role of the son of George Clooney's character in Michael Clayton.

In the fall of 2007, he was cast as OLTL's Shane, the son of Gigi Morasco and Rex Balsom. (Rex learned he was a father when Shane was 10.)

Despite his busy work schedule, Williams enjoys doing plenty of kid stuff. He likes skateboarding and playing baseball, basketball and, of course, video games.

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