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Ashley Jones Other Roles

Other Soap Roles
YOUNG AND RESTLESS (Megan Dennison Viscardi, 1997-2000; summer, 2001)

TV Roles
CROSSING JORDAN (Beth Flaherty, 2004)
WITHOUT A TRACE (Trista Bowden, 2004)
FOR THE PEOPLE (Trista, 2002)
THE DISTRICT (Dana Rayburn, 2001)
V.I.P. (Anna Petrov, 2001)
STRONG MEDICINE (Shelly Lane, 2000)
OUR SON, THE MATCHMAKER (Young Winona, 1996)
SHE FOUGHT ALONE (Susan, 1995)
THE FIRE NEXT TIME (Linnie Morgan, 1993)

Film Roles
Extreme Dating (Amanda, 2004)
Old School (Tracy, the caterer, 2003)
Devil's Prey (Susan, 2001)
The King's Guard (Princess Gwendolyn, 2000)

Theater Roles
Vanities (Kathy, 2005)
Writer's Block (2003)

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