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Anthony Geary Other Roles

Guest-Starring TV Roles
ALL IN THE FAMILY (Roger, 1971)
THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY (Greg Houser, 1972)
BARNABY JONES (Jim Anders, 1977)
STARSKY & HUTCH (Delano, 1978)
MURDER, SHE WROTE (KGB Lt. Theodore Alexandrov, 1989; Eric Grant, 1990)
ROSEANNE (Luke Spencer, 1994)

TV Movie Roles
ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (Octavius Caesar, 1983)

Film Roles
Carpool Guy (Carpool Guy, 2005)
UHF (Philo, 1989)
Dangerous Love (Mickey, 1988)
Pass the Ammo (Stonewall, 1988)
Johnny Got His Gun (Redhead, 1971)

Human Scratchings
The Wild Duck
The Glass Menagerie
The Cat's Paw
Inspector General
The American Nightmare
Chinese Zero
Jesus Christ Superstar
The Subject was Roses

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