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Andrew Trischitta Bio

(Jack, OLTL)

Steven Bergman

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BIRTHDAY: February 24, 1995
YEARS ON SHOW: 2011-present

The New Jersey resident has been in the business for over eight years. He has done numerous print jobs and commercials (Ring Pops/Ruby Tuesday's). In January of 2011 he took over the role of Jack Manning on OLTL. In his free time Trischitta enjoys playing soccer year round, hanging out with friends, playing X-box, reading, eating, snowboarding, being with family, listening to music, and summer. Click here for his official Web site.

et cetera 5 random facts
  1. Plays soccer, snowboarding.
  2. Favorite season is summer.
  3. Enjoys video games, and his choice system is X-box.
  4. Was in a Ring Pop commercial.
  5. Was in a Ruby Tuesday's commercial.
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