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Andrea Bogart Other Roles

Other Soap Roles
DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Margo Harrison, 2002)

TV Roles
CASTLE (Callie Langston, 2011)
RIZZOLI & ISLES (Courtney Brown, 2010)
CSI: MIAMI (Bridgette Clark. 2010)
GREEK (Faith Flowers, 2010)
THE MENTALIST (Patience Broadbent, 2009)
TWO AND A HALF MEN (Gretchen, 2008)
ELI STONE (Carrie, 2008)
NIP/TUCK (Carly Summers, 2007)
MY BOYS (TV series, 2006)
GHOST WHISPERER (Linda Kaminsky, 2006)
CSI: NY (Beth Larson/Holly #1, 2006)
MONK (Actress Playing Disher, 2006)
OUT OF PRACTICE (Elizabeth,2006)
CROSSING JORDAN (Nicole Wheeler, 2004)
MAYBE IT'S ME (Julie, 2002)
OFF CENTRE (Groupie, 2002)
NIKKI (Dancer, 2001)
GROUNDED FOR LIFE (Cheryl, 2001)

Film Roles
The Secret Lives of Dorks (Jessica, 2011)
Ready or Not (Kelly, 2009)
Nite Tales: The Movie (Cindy, 2008)
Something's Wrong in Kansas (Dominique, 2008)
Bar Starz (Gabby, 2008)
Dark Ride (Jen, 2006)
Greed (Ashley, 2006)
The Last Run (Chloe, 2004)
The Master of Disguise (Group Dancer, 2002)

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