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Alicia Minshew Other Roles

TV Roles
LIFE ON MARS (Soap Opera Nurse, 2008)
GOING P.O.S.T.A.L. (Ashley Ransom)
CELEBRITH DEATHMATCH (voice of Shannen Doherty, 2002)

Film Roles
The Caprice (2000)
Game Day (Suzie Wilson, 1999)
Hit and Runway (TV actress, 1999)

Beggar on Horseback (Cynthia)
Of Love and Betrayal (Bailey)
Mum's the Word (Peachy Keene)
Nunsense (Sister Mary)
Once Upon a Mattress (Princess Winifred)
The Haunting of Hill House (Theodora)
Caught in the Villain's Web (Felicity)


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